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Rag and Scrap

McClave, M. (2020) On Your Bike [Fabric and card]. Monaghan: Private Collection.

I loved the whole concept of reusing discarded fabric and clothes. I thought about my Dad’s old work shirt that was washed by my sister until it was thread bare. He insisted on wearing this shirt regardless. He worked in his bicycle shop right up until the night before his death. He was just one week shy of turning 92.I could not bear to part with this shirt and so it has hung for the last 5 years in my wardrobe. The idea occurred to me when I read the articles on Rag and scrap that I could repurpose it in some way. What better tribute to him than a bicycle. I used the tail end of the shirt for wheel centres and for the handlebar grips and cross bar. This really made me smile. Dad would enjoy this. He had a funny expression too when he wanted something done in a hurry. He would say, “On Your bike!” So here it is. (Mary McClave)

Rag and Scrap

Rag and Cloth

collage cloth

McClory, M. (2020) Book of Life [Cloth, buttons, string]. Northern Ireland: Private Collection.

Three pages from a book of life I made from cloth cut from old meaningful clothes, buttons and string. (Margaret McClory)

An introduction to the Rag and Scrap Studio by Rachel Glynne

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