Arts in Quarantine


Mulhall, M. (2020) Waiting [Mixed Media]. Cork: Private Collection

Cathy Malchiodi: “Truth: I Don’t Know How to Reduce Your Pandemic Anxiety”

How Creativity and Culture are Supporting Shielding and Vulnerable People at Home During COVID-19.

Interview with Dr. Stephen Porges: The Coronavirus Series

People and Places: An Artist’s Narrative of COVID-19 

A Collection of Contemporary Art 

Kunle Adewale, Arts in Medicine

Power Point Presentation, Virtual Conference for Arts in Health 2020


The March Mental Health Network 

This is an initiative led by Dr. Daisy Fancourt which contributes to her research and advocacy of social prescribing.

MARCH focuses on social, cultural and community assets – which includes the arts, culture, heritage sites, libraries, green spaces, community centres, social clubs, community associations and volunteer groups – and the role they play in enhancing public mental health and wellbeing, preventing mental illness, and supporting those living with mental health conditions. There are an estimated 1 million of these assets in the UK.

The MARCH Network proposes that these Assets build Resilient Communities and therefore lie at the heart of Mental Health (M-ARC-H)

The organisation has developed a link called COVID 19 and Creative Isolation.

The Creativity Tonic 

This website was featured by the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists.

“Nurturing a health imagination in challenging times”

Congratulations to the Arts in Health and Education department, Crawford College of Art and Design (Cork). This is an amazing gathering of websites which are reaching out during quarantine, making people’s lives at home enriched by art and cultural pursuits online.

The Creativity Tonic aims to provide a hub for many of the creative and mindful resources that people are sharing for these challenging times.

Arts for All 

This website was featured by the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists.

Ed Kuczaj (our External Examiner) is one of the ambassadors of this incredible initiative which has been developed in Cork, which is a testimony to arts being an essential service in times of emotional need.

“We have everything you need to stay positive and productive during this time of crisis”

Artists of all genres, and Arts organisations want to play their part in responding to the current COVID 19 crisis. Arts for All are responding to this crisis by collating information on this website and highlighting and amplifying the work of artists that are supporting you to stay well at home. We hope to give added value to our community and support people through this isolating and challenging time.

Art Therapy Decoded 

Thank you Rose Quinn for recommending these art therapy podcasts.

A series of art therapy podcasts: “we interview a variety of art therapists to build community, share knowledge and join in the efforts to bring art therapy into the digital age. We are thrilled to bring you this content and can’t wait for your thoughts and feedback”.

Corona Quilt

The link to this project was sent by Bobby Lloyd, art therapist and CEO of Art Refuge UK.


a circle of light that can be seen around the moon; a crown; the corona pattern is also a design used to make a quilted cloth

Art Refuge UK uses art and art therapy to support the mental health and well-being of people displaced due to conflict, persecution and poverty, both in the UK and internationally. Now, we are offering art as a thread to connect us with each other and offer hope and ways of coping through the coronavirus. Finding ways of coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and the community around you stronger.


That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief by Scott Berinato

Bessel van der Kolk When the COVID-19 Pandemic Leaves Us Feeling Helpless and Steering Ourselves and our Clients Through New and Developing Traumas

Art Psychotherapist, Patrick Byrne’s Postcard Project

Culture at a Distance: Arts for Health in Isolation

This link was forwarded by Chris McHugh, Course Director Ceramics, Ulster University

Creative and arts-based activities can support mental health in many important ways:

  • story-telling can aid sense-making and answer questions in accessible ways
  • arts engagement can provide relaxation, distraction and absorption
  • arts engagement has been shown to reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body and protect the immune system
  • arts activities build self-esteem, senses of achievement and pride
  • culture and the arts can engender a sense of awe, an emotion with social benefits
  • culture improves connection and belonging,  and can be achieved now through, for example, joint projects and competitions
  • creative exploration helps to foster meaning and purpose during unsettling times

Firstsite Artist Packs 

This link was forwarded by Chris McHugh, Course Director Ceramics, Ulster University

Stay inspired with Firstsite’s artist created activity packs, featuring contributions from UK artists including Antony Gormley, Sarah Lucas, Gillian Wearing, Idris Khan, Richard Wentworth, Cornelia Parker, Jeremy Deller, Vanley Burke, Mark Wallinger and more.‘Art is where the home is’ will give you ideas about how to get creative at home. Anyone can have a go – there are no specialist materials required, plus it’s completely FREE to download!

Firstsite Art Activity Packs

Craft Council Podcasts to Keep You Company During Isolation 

This link was forwarded by Chris McHugh, Course Director Ceramics, Ulster University

From creative inspiration to solitude to tips to selling your work online.

Crafts magazine has selected a range of craft-related podcasts – some more loosely related than others – to inspire and inform you

BBC Culture in Quarantine 

A Virtual Arts Festival bringing music, drama, dance, visual arts and literary arts to millions confined at home.

“In times of crisis the arts become more important, not less” Ben Okri for Culture in Quarantine article about the BBC’s Culture in Quarantine virtual arts festival.

The Duncairn Arts Centre 

Thank you Claire Stewart for recommending The Duncairn’s online cultural programme.

Virtual Cabaret every Saturday in May, 2020 at 8:30 am. Also online creative creativities to explore.

Belfast Teddy Bear Garden


Harte, L. (2020) Belfast couple help neighbours grin and bear Ted-ious Coronavirus lockdown. Belfast Telegraph, 2 May 2020.

“For over a week Morris and Jenny Corrin have made their front garden a new talking point thanks to their furry friends. The couple share their Kensington Road home of 40 years with around 60 teddy bears of all shapes and sizes, collected over the past few decades. Having been encouraged by their four grandchildren, the couple came up with quirky presentations of the bears on their lawn, which is putting smiles on many faces, both young and old. In a bid to banish the boredom during their own self-isolation, Morris (72) and Jenny (69) are keeping busy by meticulously arranging their daily displays, swapping bears in and out, giving their teddies different props, or moving them around the corner of the front garden” Harte, L. (2020) Belfast couple help neighbours grin and bear Ted-ious Coronavirus lockdown. Belfast Telegraph, 2 May 2020.

Below are the photos Hannah showed us in the Gilnahirk neighbourhood of Belfast.



Glasgow, H. (2020) COVID-19 Streetart [Mixed Media]. Belfast: Private Collection.






Clarke, L. (2020) COVID-19 Street Art. [Chalk]. Whitehead: Beaches and Streets of Whitehead.