Knitting and Crochet: Entangled Encounters

Security Blanket

Gavrielov, E. (2019) Security Blanket [Knitted artwork]. Menlo Park, California: Art Ventures Gallery.

Word Document Attachment by Rachel Glynne with instructions for how to knit and crochet:

Link to Word Document from Rachel Glynne:

Demonstration tutorials MSc AT March 20th

Arm Knitting (1)

McClory, M. (2020) Arm Knitting  [Yarn]. Northern Ireland: Private Collection

Knitting with different sized needles

McClory, M. (2020) Art Knitting and Knitting with Different Sized Needles [Yarn]. Northern Ireland: Private Collection




Clarke, L. (2020) Net Making. [Yarn and Flowers] Belfast: Private Collection.


Clarke, L. (2020) Naalbinding. [Yarn]. Belfast: Private Collection.


Clarke, L. (2020) Knitting Sample [Yarn]. Belfast: Northern Ireland


Harley, K. (2020) Piece by Piece [Yarn]. Donegal: Private Collection.


Glasgow, H. (2020) Crochet Coasters [Yarn] Belfast: Private Collection.


Byrne, R. (2020) Knitting with cables [Cables]. Donegal: Private Collection


thumbnail_crocheted squares

Byrne, R. (2020) Knitted squares for a blanket [Yarn]. Donegal: Private Collection.


Moxen, R. (2020) Pom Pom Bunting with Crochet [Wool]. Northern Ireland: Private Collection.


McClave, M. (2020) Hakuna Matata. [Wool]. County Monaghan: Private Collection

“I was reluctant to knit as I am not a knitter, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the whole process therapeutic. The repetition of the simple stitch was soothing and non-intrusive and something that could be used with a client in the therapeutic setting. In the evening I could chat with the family while knitting but I also was reflecting on the events of the day and the pandemic. Originally, I thought of knitting a scarf. I cast off the stitches and then decided no. I wanted the piece to reflect more of the process. The idea of a sack or bag came to mind. The bag would contain the bucket list of dreams I wish to fulfil over time when the pandemic is over. Each day I would put a small wish into the bag and hope when this is over to make it come true. This made me smile. The song “Hakuna Matata” came to mind meaning no worries for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t that be a lovely uplifting thought for these worrisome days. I couldn’t decide which name was more appropriate as I felt both reflected my sentiments”.


Johnston, C. (2020) Knitting. [Wool]. Belfast: Private Collection


Genger, O. (2003) Monday [Crochet stack]. Private Collection.


Genger, O. (2011) Untitled [Rope]. Lincoln, Massachusetts: DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.

Therapeutic Knitting, Stitchlinks Website:

“Our mission is to use knitting and other therapeutic creative activities to improve wellbeing generally, but also to complement medical treatments in the self-management of long-term health conditions. We are working closely with academics and clinicians, and as a direct result, therapeutic knitting and therapeutic knitting groups are being formally acknowledged by leading clinicians and academics for their benefits in mainstream healthcare. We have been successfully using knitting therapeutically since 2006, so have a wealth of knowledge to share”.

Link to Stitchlinks website:

Raw Material Blog Post, Pamela Whitaker

Knitting in Contemporary Art

Link to Raw Material blog post:


Applebaum, S. (2009) Soft Core [Knitted installation]. San Francisco: Receiver Gallery.


Neto, Ernesto (2018) Gaia Mother Tree. [Crochet sculpture]. Zurich: Railway Station. Photo Credit: Mark Niedermann


Leth, S. (2018) Efficient Waste of Time [Knitted installation]. Denmark: Private Collection.

Instructional Videos