Found Objects and Photography

Found Objects

Photos of artworks (left to right) Annie Lindberg, Dwayne Freeman and Shannon Weber

Found Objects and Photography was a workshop facilitated by Rachel Glynne

Participants were asked to bring along the following: a box with a lid, 2 rolls of masking tape, gardeners’ wire, tin foil and scissors, ephemera, brick-a-brack, curiosity objects and found objects.

Students were asked to read an article and a chapter in relation to the workshop

“The Use of Sculptural Lifelines in Art Therapy” by Sonia Stacie.

“Constructing the Self: Three-Dimensional Form” by Lariza B. Fenner
in The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy Edited by David Gussak and Marcia Rosal.
This is an e-book on the Ulster University Library Catalogue. The article is on page 154.

Found Objects 2
Photos: Mystical Moments: Little Things that Mean A Lot (top) and Cherished Memories. Heartfelt (bottom)
By Mary McClave


Sweet Little Treasures

By Anka Sikora



By Rachel Byrne