Cardboard Workshop with Mary Mawhinney


Rauschenberg, R. (1971) Lake Placid [cardboard, string, wooden pole] New York: Rober Rauschenberg Foundation

Mary’s interest in using cardboard as an art form was inspired by a theatre production she saw at The MAC in 2018 called “Give Me Your Love” by Ridiculusmus Theatre company. The performance explored PTSD as experienced by a war veteran named Zach.

Mary’s Powerpoint presentation, below, explains the art of cardboard and its potential as an art material within art therapy.

att therapy presentation Dec 18

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Photo Credit: Archinect

Robert Rauschenberg

Nana Rosenørn


Florian Baudrexel, Tobias Hantmann


Baudrexel, F. and Hantmann, T. (2009) [cardboard] Innsbruck, Austria: Galeri Bernd Kugler

Marie Gustave

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