Through Our Eyes Exhibition, WAVE Trauma Centre

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Through Our Eyes is a  collaborative project between WAVE Trauma Centre and Northern Visions (Local Belfast Television).

Power Point Presentation for Art Therapy Students from Grainne McKenna, Trauma Education Officer, WAVE Trauma Centre

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Link: The Art of Knowing: Documentary Film about the Exhibition

MSc Art Therapy students at WAVE Trauma Centre, February 21, 2020.

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WAVE Trauma Centre (2020) MSc Art Therapy Training. Belfast: WAVE Trauma Centre

Through our Eyes: Exhibition Information

The project participants and the WAVE/Northern Visions creative team look forward to welcoming UU MA Art Therapy students for an informal gallery talk. This will be an opportunity to hear directly the stories of  individuals and their experience of engaging in the project.

The exhibition is the culmination of 6 months collaborative work between WAVE and Northern Visions where we set out to document how important storytelling is to post traumatic growth and recovery in the Northern Ireland context.  It has been a very dynamic and exciting time for both organisations as we have shared and watched and learnt and documented this very creative process of storytelling.

Each participant in the project has been directly impacted by the Troubles and has entered into the process with a view to talking about their trauma through a creative means and agreed to that journey being filmed for documentary purposes.

We met once a week under the guidance of Art Therapist Lizzie Devlin, Grainne McKenna, WAVE (Trauma Education Team and Citizen Educator) Visual Artist Fiona Ni Mhaoilir and Photographer Sean McKearnan who have led the process and supported our growth.  All the while being evaluated and filmed to chart post traumatic growth.

The results of this very unique journey will be showcased in the exhibition.

Special thanks are attributed to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council who have placed faith in both WAVE and Northern Visions to carry out this work.