My Centrepiece

A centrepiece grabs our attention.

Please make you own interpretation of a centrepiece from objects, natural materials, art materials, etc. on a table in your home that creates a space for mindfulness and centring attention. The exercise relates to Anne Costello’s presentation on mindfulness, and also the article that I assigned by Patricia Rose Williams, who encourages home based creations to facilitate awareness and restore attention.

“We present ourselves in front of what we have gathered. A centrepiece is what is meaningful to us—bringing everything into focus and allowing time to observe and replenish. A point of convergence, where everything is laid on the table, and we collect ourselves. This is another interpretation of object relations, our relationships to objects that live with us and give meaning to our experiences.” By Pamela Whitaker


“My Arrangement”

“This represents my space my memories. A box hidden with old letters an old writing table from my child hood along with the new stories I begin to write. The arrangement contains a lot of natural elements dried flowers dried seeds and a peacock feather. The mushrooms are symbolisms of this reflecting how  growth can can come out of death. Still seeing the beauty in the non living flowers their purpose is different but still beautiful”.

By Hannah Johnston


Materials: Essential oils, candle, vase, plants, Buddha, agate


“I never like to see my vase without flowers in it. Scent, plants and essential oils are a must in my home. The candle isn’t synthetic and smells of moss from the garden, all of these items make me happy and help me relax. The little Buddha is my partners and he is obsessed with Buddha’s, this little one always makes me laugh as he looks so happy. The agate coasters were a moving in present and agate is supposed to eliminate and transform negativity. Looking at this image makes me feel tranquil”

By Erin Healey


“When I think about mindfulness these are the things that come to mind. Drinking tea helps me to relax and feel warm. Candles and an oil diffuser brings a smell and an atmosphere into the room. Photographs of favorite memories with my some of my favourite people. Really soft yarn to comfort the sense of touch and to be woven which is also a form of self regulation. A little book with mindfulness exercises to guide my wandering mind and a small handcrafted book which was made using blue paint, oil pastel and collage which makes me feel tranquil….Oh! And a copper mushroom just because I like it.”

By Becky Weir


Materials: Pine cones, conker shell, moss, turf, snowdrop, hazel shell & wire.

That breathe-
Re centre again to find belief in Winter.

By Dianne Minford

Wallace, S 2020, From broken to beautiful, mixed media, artist’s objects and materials, Northern Ireland.
“From Broken to Beautiful”
By Sara Wallace

Anka Sikora

Sikora, A. (2020) Happiness [brusho and soft pastels on watercolour paper]. Private collection.

“The impression is fluid, vibrant and free. Same is Happiness.”

By Anna Sikora


“Peace with a Purpose”

“The lighthouse is anchored in the deep blue of the ocean created by visual breathing.My octopus vessel holds the candle of hope.Shells and boat symbolic of calmness felt by the sea. The blue aura soma bottle suggests a spiritual peace it is surrounded by angels. The flowers herbs, sage and rosemary connects to the land. This interconnectivity exudes a peace, a purposeful peace meant for the world.”

By Mary McClave

Niamh's Centrepiece

Materials: Recycled light shade, natural foliage from the garden, natural flowers, silver card

“I went up to my attic to look for materials and found an old lamp shade. I like to reuse things and make them into a different purpose. I thought this would make a great centrepiece for my table, I was looking around my house for more materials and found an old acorn that I had saved from a bunch of flowers. So, I decided to use the shade as a vase. I had gone out to my garden and picked some leaves and some flowers that was lying around the house. I love making flower arrangements on a personal note and always trying to create new ways in how to do so rather than using oasis. This is a centrepiece that will be used In my house as I feel flowers have a lovely, uplifting feel to my home.”

By Niamh Jones


O’Baoill, N. (1998) Sanctuary (acrylic on canvas). Private collection

O’Baoill, N. (2020) Sanctuary (Earthenware and Iron Oxide). Private collection

Meister Eckhart said, “There is a place in the soul — there is a place in the soul that neither time, nor space, nor no created thing can touch.” And I really thought that was amazing, and what it means is that your identity is not equivalent to your biography. And that there is a place in you where you have never been wounded, where there’s still a sureness in you, where there’s a seamlessness in you, and where there is a confidence and tranquility in you. And I think the intention of prayer and spirituality and love is now and again to visit that inner kind of sanctuary.
– John O’Donoghue, Interview with Krista Tippett, On Being

By Nora O’Baoill


Materials: Wire, Linen, Thread and Paper

“Joy in the Pain”

By Hannah Glasgow


“Family at the centre”

By Christina Johnston


Stewart, C 2020, The Love That Loves You Back, clay and artist’s objects, Belfast, Northern Ireland

“The Love that Loves You Back”

By Claire Stewart


Materials: Incense, Ceramic Vessel, Tumblestones, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Tea, Notebook & Pen

“A Moment”

By Lauren Clarke

thumbnail_Dinner in Our House

“I asked my nieces and nephews for one word to describe dinner in our house. These words are arranged as a word search game on the woven mat made from gathered materials of old shirts, dresses, clothes worn by family.  The small beads are the initials of each family member. The vase contains wire flowers and a hanger of 4 photos of family dinners in our house. The whole thing would be a conversation point during dinner.”

By Margaret McClory


I have mandarin oil in my diffuser, and the Lego and plant were gifted to me. The little card came from a coworker I am very close to.

By Eimear Kearns


By Rachel Byrne

odd socks

“Odd Socks Still Stand”

By Rebecca Duddy