Dominic Thorpe, Performance Art


On Friday, October 18th Dominic Thorpe (Ulster University PhD Researcher and Performance Artist) will be offering a workshop to Year 1 students and Year 2 students (who have an interest in this topic and who are able to attend). The topic of performance art and art therapy is an innovative area of practice which involves physicality, the activation of space, and materials as objects that can be mobilised in the context of an installation or site specific environment.  Dominic has worked in the area of arts and health in Ireland addressing suicide, chronic pain, and mental health. His current work also addresses trauma and institutional abuse. Dominic will be presenting a morning presentation and an afternoon workshop.

To learn more about the area of arts and health in Ireland, please refer to

Please note that during Dominic’s afternoon workshop our External Examiner will be visiting and may ask to speak with students briefly.

The Body Forgets Nothing

Dominic Thorpe is an Irish visual artist who works primarily through performance art in a range of contexts. He also works with drawing, video, photography, installation, collaborative and relational based processes. Much of his recent work addresses contemporary and historical human rights and institutional abuses and he is currently receiving a Vice-Chancellors Scholarship at Ulster University to undertake a practice based PhD researching performance art and representations of perpetrators. In addition he has worked extensively in the area of arts and health, addressing suicide, chronic pain and mental health. Within live performance Dominic often interacts with everyday objects through improvised processes, bodily gestures, duration and context, exploring complexities around identity, relationships, trauma and coping mechanisms.


Dominic Thorpe, Performance, the LAB Dublin 2015. Image taken by Kilian Waters..jpg