Feltmaking with Rachel Glynne


Rachel Glynne preparing a composition for felt making.


Mary Mawhinney felted composition.


Felt making in action.

Felted Talisman by Sheila Lavery

One application of felt making is to make a talisman. Here is an example by Sheila Lavery.  “I started assigning different colours to various feelings and attributes using crayons, paints and markers on paper. The feelings were then felted into balls, using the colours that were assigned. Messages can also be added into the felting process, so that these are included in the completed balls. The felted balls are then threaded together, to make an object to hold in your hand remembering that with awareness you can hold all of those feelings together.”


Sheila Felt 2

Shelia Lavery, talisman coloured fibres and completed talisman.

Felting 2

Felting 1

Sheila Lavery drawn and felted sunflower.



Claire Thompson drawn and felted tree composition.

Felting 3

Bridget Nugent’s felted forest composition.



Philippa’s McAleer’s rock with needlefelt fibres and laying down fibres for felting.


Rose Quinn’s drawing and laying down fibres in preparation for felt making.