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Photo: Art therapy trainee Méabh Meir and artist Clare Galway sit between parent and child participants in The MAC’s Baby Sensory Community Workshop at Donegall Pass Sure Start at Mary Magdalene Church Hall.

Art Therapy Student Méabh Meir at The MAC’s Community Baby Sensory Workshops

Art Therapy students have the opportunity to contribute to a variety of clinical and cultural placements throughout their training at the Belfast School of Art. Currently, students are participating in The MAC’s Baby Sensory Workshops based in community settings, an opportunity for artists and art therapy trainees to enhance communication and sensory engagement between parents/carers and their babies. Sensory based activities significantly strengthen parent-child bonds and engage families in their children’s learning and shared experiences. The sessions use sound, movement, shape and texture to inspire relational expression.The youngest participant in this project is 4 weeks old. This is an innovative collaboration between the MSc Art Therapy course and Clare Lawlor, Learning and Participation Officer, The MAC. 

MACtivist Volunteer Opportunities for MSc Art Therapy Students

Volunteering on projects at The MAC will contribute towards your practicum hours, this also includes volunteer training.

Volunteering is undertaken on a project, workshop and event basis. Gallery facilitation can be arranged according to your schedule. 

Pamela will liaise with clinical supervisors in regards to a student’s interest in volunteering at The MAC and she will assist with the management of project practicums.

Caryl and Pamela visited Clare Lawlor (Learning and Participation Officer at the MAC)  to discuss opportunities for project practicums in the areas of arts and health and arts and wellness. The MAC is encouraging students to apply for the volunteer positions below, in order to receive training, and assist with existing and new projects which facilitate engagement with therapeutic benefits. Some of these projects and workshops occur on-site at The MAC and others are held off-site with a range of schools, mental health, community and youth organisations.

Please note Clare Lawlor or Linda McBurney will be interviewing students to assess suitability for upcoming MAC workshops, projects, events and gallery facilitation. 

Linda McBurney is planning a volunteer induction day on Sunday, November 18th and suggests submitting an application as soon as possible. If there are a number of students interested she may even plan a specific art therapy student volunteer induction session.

“The MAC’s mission is to be a centre of artistic excellence that makes a positive difference to people’s lives”.

Clare Lawlor encourages art therapy students to apply for two volunteer positions:

Gallery Navigator: You will assist visitors with their interpretation and participation in exhibits, answering questions and providing support information. 

Workshop Supporter: You will assist artists in the delivery of creative workshops. Workshop groups will cover all age ranges and may include school groups, youth groups, community groups and families. You will help to encourage all workshop participants to engage and participate fully in the workshop by creating a welcome and comfortable environment.

Link to the MAC’s Volunteer Page and Volunteer Application Form 

Please email your completed volunteer form to

Lind McBurney is conducting interviews for the upcoming volunteer training at the MAC. It might be a good idea to confirm that Linda has received your application.

Linda McBurney: